Pray Without Ceasing…

My daughter has prayed for snow where we live every year, and each time she has been disappointed. I felt her hurt and sadness each time as her mother, because I really wanted her to see the power of prayer in her life for herself. Last year, I even tried to talk my husband into driving 4-5 hours away, so she could see snow for the first time. He sensibly refused. Lol. Isn’t it interesting that even when we see what happened when people tried to make their prayer requests or promises happen themselves in the bible that we still try to do it today? Think, for example, about the story of Abraham and Sarah. Hmmm.


Snow, such a simple request, but seemingly impossible in a place where snow is unheard of in the winter. I feel bad to admit we even teased her at times saying this might finally be her year when she insisted on continuing to pray every single winter for snow after a time without results. Yet, as children of God, we must often face doubters and ridicule from those who can’t catch hold of our God given vision too. Don’t we?

However, she never quit praying in faith. Childlike faith. Priceless!! She is now 12, but today her prayers were finally answered. It snowed here!!!! We had a ball playing in the snow together as a family!!!

The message in all of this was clear. You may get discouraged in the wait, but don’t murmur or complain. No matter how long you’ve been sending up your request don’t quit!! Keep believing!! Keep praying!! God is able!!!


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