Ravings of a Frustrated Woman

        Intro to my future book “Ravings of a Frustrated Wife”. True story. This is a copy of  the letter I wrote, out of pure desperation, to my family one Sunday afternoon after another day of dealing with attitudes, pouting, misbehavior, ingratitude, and whatever else they could come up with doing, and I personally think it’s a little fun (but my family not so much).


Dear family,

I am sorry for nagging, yelling, correcting, and getting on your nerves in such an inconsiderate and unfriendly manner. I am sorry for frustrating you, because I have become frustrated by our current status. I am sorry for not being Christ like, and showing His love, compassion, and mercy to you at all times. (Really I am. I need to reflect Him, and sometimes I fail miserably).

I am sorry for telling you to clean up behind yourself if you use something, so that there can be order and cleanliness here.

I am sorry for telling you to make up your bed and clean up your belongings from the floors and counters, in order to show that you appreciate the room you have to sleep in.

I am sorry for telling you to do your part to keep our home clean (without being told and given 100 reminders a day), so that we can live in a neat, organized place instead of chaos or the “world’s dirtiest home”.

I am sorry for reminding you to work hard at school or your job, and still work hard at home too by finishing your chores in a timely manner, doing yard work, house work, or vehicle work as needed, promised, or required.

I am sorry for telling you to share with one another, get along without arguing, consider one another by monitoring how loud you blast your music, tv, or other electronic devices, so we can all dwell together in peace and harmony.

I am sorry for telling you to put away the things that you use in the proper place (not the counters or floors), so that it is not in the way of the next person to use the space (especially our guest).

I am sorry for saying buy things that are needful first and that fit in our budget, be thankful for what is provided and given to you freely and without being asked to repay. I am sorry for reminding you that we should refrain from impulsive buying and little splurges (that quickly add up) that keep us from meeting our financial goals, and worst endanger our family’s economic safety.

I am sorry for saying you should tell people “thank you” and “I’m sorry”, and that you should acknowledge the help that you are given, and then find ways of giving back to others too.

I am sorry for saying if you borrow something from someone to return it back directly to them in the same way it was received, without a reminder or them having to come look for it, in order to show your appreciation for that person’s support.

I am sorry for saying that if you are a parent you must act like a parent, take care of your own children’s need for food, support, help with homework, and time and attention. I am sorry for saying you must set aside the video games, tv shows, computer, and be responsible for the child you had. I am sorry for saying you must get out of the bed at a decent hour, help around the house, and go to work, so that you can have money to pay your own bills, and buy your own food, clothes, etc.

I am sorry for saying if you watch tv or use the computer to be responsible, and to watch things that are appropriate, and does not dishonor God or others.

I am sorry for telling you to behave and to be holy, instead of allowing you to run wild and free like a hooligan, because I care about you being a good citizen and most importantly a child of God. I am sorry for saying that you should honor your marriage vows, forsake all others, love and respect your spouse above all others (except God), and to avoid relationships with others that contaminate or endanger this bond. I am sorry for telling you to honor your commitments to be a part of a club, organization, or team, because others are depending on you.

I am sorry for telling you to study and work hard in school, to eat healthy foods and exercise, to stay away from bad influences but to choose friends that reflect positive attributes for your good, to go to bed early and get the rest you need, and to study the Word of God and pray so that you can learn to be a holy, child of God.

I am sorry for bothering you by requiring you to always strive to be your best.

                                                                                                        With all my love,

                                                                 Your Sorrowful Mom, Auntie, Sister in law, and Wife