Something To Think About…


I love this quote from our First Lady on her facebook page recently!!  It’s great instruction, and my inspiration for creating this image quote for today’s post.  Tired of being bound due to infractions of others against you? Me too!  Go and be free. Today and always!!

I choose you. — Let’s Get Real, Ladies.

Some days, like today,  I think enough is enough and for once I am  going to finally announce, “I choose ME!”. In fact, I honestly even thought about posting that quote on social media in my frustration as well. I CHOOSE ME!!! Lol. Have you ever been there too, just over it ALL, in your relationship? However, isn’t it great, how our God meets us where we are and simply and lovingly speaks if we will just listen in the midst of it all. This is one of those times for me. Check out this post below from another blogger, and I hope it encourages you in your marriage too!!


Our culture says to “follow your heart” and “you deserve to be happy” so if you aren’t feeling that way in marriage, culture says to move on with your life. Marriage is hard, but marriage was meant to be worth the fight.

via I choose you. — Let’s Get Real, Ladies.