Something To Think About…

Sharing one of my old Facebook post…

It’s not how much or little you give (remember the widows mite). It’s not what you have left or given up (remember the disciples who were called and immediately left their earthly endeavours to pursue the spiritual). It’s not how many rules you have followed (remember the rich man who kept all the commandments). It’s not about your position or current condition (remember the blind man). As you read the bible you see the same question asked again and again. What are you holding on to that seemingly has more value in your life right now than Christ? Religious positions and the appearance of being righteous like the Sadducess and Pharisees. Fleshly lust and desires like Samson and David. Wordly positions and wealth (that will all pass away) like the man with the filled barns or the rich man. The thing you always desired like Abraham’s child whom he was asked to sacrifice. Only you know. It is ultimately about your recognition of who Jesus truly is, and your willingness to follow after Him as He leads you. Let’s choose wisely!

Devonne Banks

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