Something To Think About…

Sharing an old Facebook post…

In life you will have trials and tribulations, but know that God’s grace is sufficient. He is well able to keep you through the hurts and pains that come in life, and yes they will surely come! On my bedside table sits a flower pot (covered by the names of my students during that particular school year) given to me by my class at one of the hardest moments in my life, the lost of our child through a miscarriage. It is a reminder to me that although I have lost a natural child I have been blessed to play a part of the lives of so many other children as a teacher, in my community, and in various areas of church ministry. I woke up today remembering the joy of celebrating with Fay Edwards at school my pregnancy, and then how she was also there to speak words of life and encouragement when I could do nothing but cry at a time of hurt, anger, and death (emotionally for me and physically for our child). I am forever grateful to her for the support! The flower pot sits on my bedside table as a memorial, not of pain or lost, but of God’s grace and mercy. There are reports of people considering suicide and even doing it, cutting themselves, and hurting others on a daily basis in the news and online, yet we don’t have to go that route. If you are going through a difficult season know that this too shall pass, just hold on and never quit. God’s grace is truly sufficient if you just believe and trust His word. Believe me, I know from personal experience. I lost a child in April, but so amazingly God also blessed me to have a child in April and for that I am ever grateful! Keep the faith! Be blessed on today family and friends!!

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