Man worries about natural provision and comfort, but God is more concerned about our souls. Still praising God for the Word on Sunday!! Spiritual provision. Thanking God for RESTORATION of those things that matter most in the spirit realm!! Thanking God for his joy, peace, and love that surpasses ALL understanding!! Whatever you need, God’s got it!! Trust Him and receive it by faith!! Don’t focus on your circumstances in the natural, but on God’s face so that He (and He alone) can provide the true provision that you need which is spiritual!! He knows your pain! He knows your sorrow! He knows the beginning from the end! Take everything to God in prayer!! Jesus is the center of our joy. ALL that is good and perfect belongs to Him!! Set your affection on things above, not on things on earth!! Praise Him with a song!! Praise Him with a dance!! Jesus is the center of your joy!! Oh, if only you knew just how much our God truly loves you and all He will do!! Yesterday is over! Today is a new day with new opportunities and mercies!! Rise up and go forth!!! It’s a new day!!!

Stepping Stones 123

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