Something To Think About…

20181212_070318_0000Last night during the sermon the preacher said, “but you are still standing!” It instantly stood out to me,  because earlier that day I had told my husband that I had been thinking about an incident a few years ago. I had went up for prayer during a ladies meeting,  and asked one of the leaders to pray for me because according to my words at that time, “I can’t take this anymore”. I was (and still am) dealing with medical issues that regularly kept me feeling ill and in severe pain. Instantly she went into action, and took my words very seriously (looking back I wonder if she thought I was suicidal or something because that was definitely not what I meant?!) I simply desired and was desperate for healing!! Anyway, she quickly gathered some other ladies and they prayed for me. Instantly, I felt a peace that surpasses all understanding!! My situation may not have changed (yet), but my attitude and perspective about it all did. Now, years later I was telling my husband about that incident, and how when I thought I couldn’t go any further God has kept me and showed me differently! He has taught me to endure, to keep pressing into Him and His word, to keep believing and trusting for the supernatural inspite of what I see (or feel) in the natural!! I’M STILL HERE AND I’M STILL STANDING!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

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