Something To Think About…


Sharing an old Facebook post today…

Thought for the day… what happens to a stagnant cell? A cell that is not in motion is not a productive member of the system. It assumes the other members will take up the slack somewhere, but they don’t in fact they imitate the stray cell, and the whole organism begins to die. Here’s the good part all that decays can be restored. If that one cell gets back on track it creates energy among the other cells and a little movement gets started. It begins to rumble. It begins to bump around and move, and bang into other cells and they push back. Then, they hit a rhythm, and this is the beginning of the restorative process. So, then even if the entire system is close to death, but all the cells begin to work together, the entire system is HEALED! Getting inspired watching “Here Comes the Boom”. Lol.

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