Thankful for everyone who has let us know you are enjoying our Facebook blog, page, and/or groups!! Only yesterday, while at a dental appointment a staff member shared that she and her spouse were so encouraged by and enjoying our group. Many have shared with us that although you may not comment publicly that you are an active reader. That’s awesome to know!! We also greatly appreciate those who are active participants. We love, love, love hearing from you!! ❤

It means a lot when others in the community and online share how they have been encouraged or blessed with a right now word. Here’s the best part to me, many of our posts are written and scheduled weeks in advance, but God knows exactly what we need individually and collectively and exactly when we need it!! I love that, and give God all the glory and praise!!

This started out as just an idea on my heart that lingered to start a blog, than a page, and now two groups. It’s a blessing to see the growth and the support. We look forward to seeing what else lies ahead in the future!! The funny part is every time we think about taking a break for a while, others have encouraged us repeatedly to keep sharing so we will until God says otherwise. Be blessed on today, and thanks so much for your support!! 🙂

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