A New Thing


Today my husband and I planned a surprise for my daughter for her birthday (a new bedroom set).

The funny part was she started getting upset when I started moving things around and moving things out of the room to make more space. She said, “So I’m just getting my stuff taken away for no reason, and getting kicked out of my own room!! (I had moved some items into her brother’s room where she sleeps most of the time anyway, and she thought I was making her move there permanently). She kept complaining. “That’s not fair. I don’t even know what’s happening. What did I do wrong? Why do I have to lose my room”. Sad face. Drama queen. Lol.

I had already told her a few times nothing was wrong. Don’t worry. I have someone bringing something soon. She wasn’t satisfied because she wanted to know right now what was coming and happening. I wouldn’t tell her because it was a surprise! Eventually, I didn’t say anything else, and just kept cleaning and moving out the old items to make room for the new. After a little while of rearranging and removing items in her space she looked in the room and admitted, “It does look a lot nicer in here though”. She was already feeling happier by the changes, and her surprise gift still had not even arrived!!

Then, it hit me. How often are we just like my child when God is trying to do a new thing in our life? He is quietly removing the old and broken things to prepare us for something new and better, but we murmur and complain about what is being taken away. We ask why, why, WHY!! We pout when He is silent, and think we’ve done something wrong in despair. We come in and try to take back some things instead of simply trusting Him and the process.

However, eventually when we get quiet and look at our situation again we can finally see what God has been doing and preparing for us all along!! Sometimes our blessings come in disquise as unexpected and undesirable changes, discomfort, and/or loss, but if we hang in there we will be so thankful to see what great things God has in store just for you and just for me that we never even asked for or imagined!! Stop crying and bemoaning your situation, and begin to praise God in advance for a NEW THING!!! It’s on the way!!!!

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