Tips From The Elder To The Younger Wife!

Tips of the day from the elder to the younger wife.

1. Get up early BEFORE your kids wake up for quiet time with God and your own personal time to get focused and centered. In the evening find a quiet space alone with God again, and de-stress from the days adventures and challenges. It truly makes a difference, and it’s biblical. Try it out.

2. Spend less and save more. Plan meals and write a grocery list. Leave the family at home when you shop to avoid “extras in the basket”. Plan out your housekeeping schedule, and follow it. Include everyone (except the cute little babies) in the task of maintaining the cleanliness and order of your home. Remind them: We are a family. It’s OUR home.  We ALL are responsible for taking care of what God has provided for us as good stewards. Sorry family, there are no maids here. Work diligently and faithfully. Prepare for the future while knowing it’s ultimately all in God’s hands. Consider the ants.

3. Set aside time for yourself too!!! A drowning person can’t help someone else stay afloat. Likewise you can’t give your family your best if you don’t take time to refresh and revive your own self.  Even Jesus took time to steal away from the crowds.

4. Love, honor, and respect your husband. Be proud of the role you play as his helpmate and treasure him. Think of one thing you can do today to make him smile, and go do it.

5. Train up your children in the Word (even the little ones can sing praises to God and learn simple verses). Be an example to them in word and deed. They are watching!

6. Avoid unnecessary loans and credit cards like the plague! If you can’t afford it, then DON’T buy it. Simple. Set aside a little money at a time to make the purchase at a later date if it is something you really desire. Wait on God’s timing, he just might provide it through someone else for free or you could find it at a discounted price. Let me repeat, DON’T become a slave just leave loans and credit cards alone for your own peace of mind!  (I really wish we had followed that advice when we were younger instead of having to struggle with the negative consequences  for many years later into our marriage.) Financial worries cause stress and division.  Keep the peace in your home by being content with what you have and are able to comfortably afford. God will provide your needs and even desires at the appointed time according to His will.  Trust Him!

7. Make your house a home! No matter how big or how small. Decorate it to fit the way your family lives, and what you all love. Celebrate your family and their accomplishments by displaying pictures, awards, and special “art projects” created by the little ones. Take pictures of your children’s art projects and store them in a photo album, so you can have the memory of them forever without all the paper buildup. (Even when my husband was in the military, and we had extended stays at a hotel while waiting for our assigned housing, I would still add my own touches to make it feel more “homey”.) Post scriptures and encouraging posts where your loved ones can see them, and play Christian music and programming to get it in their ears and hearts. Fill your home with love and compassion, not the latest gadgets!

OK, #7 is completion, so I think I’m done for the day. 🙂

Be blessed my Sisters,
Sis. Banks

p.s. This is dedicated to the couple who called us elderly, and said that they hang out with us for wisdom. Lol. You shall remain nameless to protect the ”guilty”, but we still love you!

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