Religion < Relationship

Hey, all!!  I hope you are having a beautiful day!!  Take a moment to check out my latest recommended post when you have time by clicking the link below:

Source: Religion < Relationship

I wanted to also share a portion of the author’s response to my comment on their article. Prayerfully, they won’t mind that I do.

Maybe, I am too sentimental right now, but this message instantly brought tears to my eyes as I read it.  Mushy, I know.  (smile)

I am thankful to be a new part of this blogging community, and to know God cares about that which concerns me. It may not seem a lot to you and took just a moment of the author’s time to respond, but the holy spirit knows exactly what is on our hearts and our individual needs. That’s powerful to me!!

I am encouraged, strengthened, and challenged as I read what the Lord places on each of your hearts as you each share faithfully and with transparency. I do not take it lightly that you take the time to read and engage with the things God places on my heart as well, and for that I simply say, “THANK YOU”!!

We may never meet each other in person, but we are all family!!  We are blessed to be able to help and support our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world through this online platform, and for that I am grateful!!

May you each be blessed in your daily walk and personal relationship with Christ, today and always!!


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